User Agreement

1. Definitions and interpretation

1.1. Goodwix is a cloud service, the interface of which is available on the public information and telecommunications network “Internet” at the address with the second-level domain name, including both the Agreements existing at the time of accepting the conditions and those put into effect in the future resource, subdomains (subdomains) of the lower levels of the specified second-level domain, additional domain names, as well as all computer programs and databases associated with this resource that ensure its functioning, as well as other (technical) domains.
1.2. Administration — a person who is the administrator of the second-level domain name, Vega Limited Liability Company, TIN 7802738356, registered at 194044, St. Petersburg, B. Sampsonievsky Prospect, 64.
1.3. User Agreement (Agreement) — this agreement, which is a public offer, concluded when registering on the Goodwix website or other acceptance of the offer between the User and the Administration. The user is obliged to carefully review the terms of the Agreement before going through the registration procedure on the Goodwix website.
1.4. User — any natural or legal person using the services and Goodwix Functionality, which has passed the registration procedure on the Goodwix website.
1.5. Registration is the process of providing the User with individually identifying information and processing this information by the services of the Site, as a result of which a unique User Account is created on the Site.
1.6. Functionality — the opportunities provided by Goodwix to registered users, including:
1.6.1. cataloging and structuring product data;
1.6.2. automatic generation of documentation;
1.6.3. creating price lists;
1.6.4. acceptance and approval of orders;
1.6.5. data export;
1.6.6. various analytics systems.
1.7. Account (account) — a unique set of user registration data stored on the Site, which is a means of authenticating the user, necessary to enable the User to use the Site Functionality.
1.8. Login — the unique name of the Account, determined by the User.
1.9. Password — a secret set of characters defined by the User, which serves to enable the User to individually use the Account on the Site.
1.10. Personal Account — a section available on the Site available to the User, through the interface of which the User can manage the Account and Personal Account.
1.11. Personal account — funds, calculated in rubles, owned by the User and reflected in the Personal Account of the User, stored in the account of the Administration, ordered by the Administration on behalf of and only by direct instruction of the User.
1.12. Account Deactivation — deletion of the User Account, as well as deletion of all data uploaded by the User. Deactivation of the Account is possible at the request of the User or in the event of a gross violation of the terms of this Agreement by the User.

2. Principal provisions

2.1. The Administration offers the User to use Goodwix in the manner and on the terms set forth in this User Agreement.
2.2. User Agreement comes into force immediately after the registration of the User and is valid indefinitely.
2.3. User agrees to carefully read the content and terms of this Agreement.
2.4. The current edition of the User Agreement is located on the Goodwix website at specified address (URL) with the current edition of the Agreement may be changed, the Administration undertakes to notify the Users in the manner provided for in paragraph 2.6. In the event of a change in the main domain name, the terms of the Agreement and the scope of authority of the Parties shall not change.
2.5. The terms of the User Agreement may be modified by the Administration at any time, of which the Administration undertakes to notify the Users in the manner provided for by clause 2.6.
2.6. In the event of changes to the terms of the Agreement or the address of the current version of the Agreement or Privacy Policy, the Administration undertakes to notify Users of this change by sending a message to the e-mail provided by the Users during Registration.
2.7. The new edition of the User Agreement enters into force and is applied immediately after its placement by the Administration at the address specified in paragraph 2.4 of the Agreement, unless otherwise provided in the text of the new version of the Agreement.
2.8. The user is considered fully and unconditionally accepted the terms of the Agreement after passing the Registration procedure as a User. In the event of a change in the terms of the Agreement after the User Registration, the User is deemed to have agreed with them if he continues to use Goodwix and does not require the deactivation of the Account.
2.9. Acceptance of the terms of the Agreement is possible only in full, without any reservations and exceptions.
2.10. A user who disagrees with the terms of the User Agreement is not entitled to use Goodwix.
2.11. If, after the User’s Registration, changes were made to the User Agreement, with the acceptance of which the User does not agree, the User is not entitled to continue to use Goodwix and is obliged to stop any further use of the Goodwix service, all of its functionality and all resources related to Goodwix, and also apply to the Administration with the requirement to deactivate his Account in the manner specified in clause 3.8.
2.12. The law of the Russian Federation applies to this User Agreement and the relations between the parties arising from the use of Goodwix.


3.1. Registration is required to use the Goodwix functionality and to restrict user access and third parties.
3.2. For registration purposes, the User must:
3.2.1. Provide complete, sufficient and reliable information on the issues specified in the registration form. Fields of the registration form, marked with the symbol «*» are required.
3.2.2. Keep your registration data up to date.
3.3. User is prohibited from:
3.3.1. Provide invalid credentials.
3.3.2. Register the Account on behalf of another person, unless this person has authorized to perform the specified actions on his behalf.
3.4. The Administration has the right to refuse registration, block and / or delete the User Account in cases of non-compliance with the terms of this Agreement.
3.5. The user is solely responsible for the safety of his login and password and is not entitled to transfer this data to third parties.
3.6. If the User detects third-party activity using the User’s Login and Password or suspects that the User’s User Password and Password are lost, he must immediately inform the Administration by sending a message to
3.7. Actions performed using the User’s Login and Password are assumed to be performed on behalf of the User, until the contrary is proved, unless the User notified the Administration in advance of the compromise of the registration data.
3.8. The user has the right to ask the Administration to deactivate the account by sending a message to


4.1. Comply with the provisions of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the terms of this Agreement.
4.2. Provide complete, sufficient and reliable information on the issues specified in the registration form. Maintain the relevance of this information.
4.3. Immediately inform the Administration about unauthorized actions of third parties referred to in paragraph 3.8 of this agreement.
4.4. Refrain from loading into Goodwix service materials that:
4.4.1. Defame the honor, dignity or business reputation of other users or third parties;
4.4.2. Contain calls for violence, promotes discrimination of people on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social grounds;
4.4.3. Violate the intellectual rights of users or third parties;
4.4.4. In any other way violate the laws of the Russian Federation or the rules of international law.


5.1. The administration provides the right to use the service Goodwix to Users for free for a test period. Users will be notified about the end date of the test period in the order specified in paragraph 2.6.
5.2. Subsequently, financial conditions may be changed, including:
5.2.1. restrictions on the amount of available functionality for users at various rates;
5.2.2. a part of the previously available Functional will be provided only to the Users of paid tariffs.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1. The user may not upload, post or in any other way use on the Goodwix website the results of intellectual activity or means of individualization of third parties, unless he has the corresponding right or exclusive right to the corresponding result of intellectual activity. When publishing material or posting other results of intellectual activity on the Site, the User guarantees that the specified actions are carried out lawfully:
6.1.1. In accordance with the provisions on free use without the consent of the author or other copyright holder and the payment of remuneration, or;
6.1.2. The user has been granted the specified right by the actual copyright holder of the used results of intellectual activity.
6.2. When uploading any results of intellectual activity to the Goodwix website, of which the User is the copyright holder, it provides the Administration with a simple non-exclusive license to use these results in the following ways:
6.2.1. reproduction (copying),
6.2.2. transfer or other processing (change),
6.2.3. bringing to public notice
6.2.4. use in any other ways for the purposes of the Site.
6.3. The rights specified in clause 5.2 are granted by the User free of charge for the entire period of the Goodwix service being used by the User without any territorial or other spatial restrictions with the right to issue sublicenses to third parties solely for the purpose of ensuring Goodwix’s availability.
6.4. Deactivation of the User Account or self-deletion of materials by the User means revocation and termination of the simple non-exclusive license provided by the User to the Administration. At the same time, the User is aware that deleting materials from archival and backup copies created solely for the purpose of data recovery in case of failures may be difficult or impossible.
6.5. The user has no right to decompile, disassemble, modify in any way the code of elements of the site and Goodwix service and / or other services necessary for the functioning of Goodwix.


7.1. The Administration takes all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of user data, the continuity of User access to Goodwix, stability and high speed of the Service.
7.2. Administration is not responsible to the User for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, as well as lost profits, lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation caused in connection with the use of the Site, the contents of the Site or other materials to which the User or other persons accessed through the Site.
7.3. The amount of responsibility of the Administration to the User in any case is limited to the amount of payments for the period when circumstances arose or actions were performed that served as reasons for the circumstances specified in clause 7.2.
7.4. The User is solely responsible for the expenses from the Personal Account of the User. Any actions on behalf of the User’s Account are considered to be committed by the User independently, except for the cases provided for in paragraph 3.7, provided that the User properly informed the Administration about the compromise of the Account in at least 72 hours before the occurrence of a payment not approved by the User. 3.6. present agreement.


8.1. User may:
8.1.1. Use the Site and materials within the framework provided by this agreement of authority.
8.1.2. Place on the pages of the Site information and materials that do not contradict the terms of this agreement and the laws of the Russian Federation.
8.2. User is not allowed to:
8.2.1. Intervene in the work of the Site in order to disrupt its normal functioning.
8.2.2. To carry out mass distribution of messages to other Users.
8.2.3. Place on the pages of the Site the information specified in paragraph 4.4 of this agreement.
8.2.4. Use the Site and materials posted on the Site, beyond the powers granted by this agreement or outside the functionality for which it is intended.
8.2.5. It is illegal to collect and process personal data of other Users using the Site.
8.3. Administration has the right to:
8.3.1. Block, modify, move and delete without warning:
1. messages and other User materials containing information whose dissemination violates the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
2. messages and other materials of the User containing illegally used results of intellectual activity and means of individualization;
3. messages and other materials of the User at its discretion, including in the absence of violations of the terms of this Agreement.
4. Accounts of Users violating the intellectual rights of the Administration, other Users or third parties.
8.3.2. At any time, to transfer the Site to another domain name at its discretion.
8.3.3. Perform Deactivation — deactivate the User Account in case the User violates the terms of this Agreement.


9.1. The user agrees to the processing by the Administration (and persons authorized by the Administration) of his personal data provided by the User during registration, as well as personal data posted by the User in the process of using the Goodwix service.
9.2. The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy, the text of which is located at: In the event of a change of address (URL) with the current edition of the Privacy Policy, the Administration undertakes to notify the Users in the manner provided for by clause 2.6.


10.1. The User expresses his consent to receive notifications via electronic messages to the e-mail specified by the User during registration.
10.2. The user has the right to refuse to receive notifications via electronic messages by changing the settings — unchecking checkboxes for each method of notification in the personal account and saving the settings.


11.1. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User also:
11.1.1. confirms that he has familiarized himself with the terms of the Yandex.Money service posted on the link:;
11.1.2. agrees that the User’s monetary obligation to the Administration can be performed, including by crediting the relevant amount to the Administration’s electronic means of payment in the Yandex.Money payment service.
11.2. Disputes between the parties are subject to settlement in a complaint procedure. A claim can be sent using the User’s contact e-mail and Goodwix e-mail:
11.3. The deadline for responding to a claim is 10 business days from the time it is received by the party.
11.4. If it is impossible to resolve the dispute in a complaint procedure, the dispute is subject to consideration by the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.